Saturday, December 28, 2013

10 reasons why plus-size Barbie is a bad idea

10 reasons why plus-size Barbie is a bad idea
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1. Body-image problems start at home, not from Barbie dolls

2. Young girls need positive real life examples

3. Food/Nutrition education should start in the first grade

4. Caregivers should take responsibility and take better care of young children

5. Children's body-image and self-esteem problems won't be fixed with a plus-size Barbie doll

6. Promoting obesity is just as bad as promoting anorexia

7. What's wrong with an average size, normal BMI, Barbie?

8. A plus-size Barbie doll cannot replace good parenting

9. Neither plus-size or original  Barbies are realistic in proportions

10. Plus-size Barbie does is yet another "stereotype" of plus-size women


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