Friday, November 1, 2013

The Key to InVest Fall Success

Hello November!  Fall just keeps getting more exciting, don't you think? With a number of Holidays coming up we expect to dress for them and the weather with even more pizzazz.  Fall has infinite possibilities when it comes to choosing what to wear! But infinite possibilities can leave us in disarray--unable to laser focus on something that could be a key player. Let's start this month with how to dress successfully and fabulously with the help of a vest. While we often spend chunks of money on outerwear: coats, blazers, jackets, sweaters, we might overlook vests.  What's great about a vest is that it can be worn under, over, or in place of another garment for your desired purpose:

1. Contrast waist-pinching vests - to accentuate your waistline, especially when layering
Paul Smith//Gucci/Paul Smith

2.Versatility - goes with any bottom, occasion, or season
Stella McCartney//Paul Smith//Celine

3. Statement piece - for parties, clubs, or business meetings
Gucci//Jean Paul Gaultier//Marni

4. Coordinate - going matchy-matchy without looking frumpy
Louis Vuitton//Paul Smith//Louis Vuitton

5. Look like a boss - steal the show from your significant other
Paul Smith//Paul Smith//Hermes

5. Rebel - some rules are meant to be broken in fashion
Y-3//Paul Smith//Y-3

6. Wonders for working women - a little investment can make a lot of difference
Gucci//Rebecca Taylor//Y-3

7. Get edgy - let your little vest speak volumes for your personal style

8. Go the extra length- stay cozy in warm color tone faux fur

9. Holiday Parties - cocktail hours, office parties, or college dorm parties

10. Snow ready- comfort meets style for the colder months to come

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  1. Great roundup! Found you by way of links ala mode.