Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Top Pick for Fall : BALENCIAGA Street Lux Dominates

I'm so happy about the weather as of late--no more heat waves! As some of us getting ready to leave summer behind, what's next?  Are you looking forward to all-you-can't-really-afford  fall trends? Will you be deciding what will survive through next season and what won't? To be honest, I was already FALL-ing in love with Balenciaga's fall collection at first sight back in May!  Others that I had me at first sight too were Prada, Marc Jacobs,  Versace, and Givenchy.  But Nicholas Gesquiere's futuristic and stoic Balenciaga Fall'11 RTW collection is my #1 pick.  I have a taste for designs with the cool factor nestled in luxury.

With a plethora of patterns to come next season, Balenciaga's iris-floral (also seen with Givenchy) print dress is more interesting than most  floral prints I've seen thus far.  Miu Mui, Versace, and Givenchy are also on the bandwagon with the floral trend this Fall, but the iris floral print is the winner for me.  I think it's very much refreshing come Fall.

If you love your floral prints, they are definitely here to say for Fall.  Versace's giant tulip-printed 60's inspired dress is all about making a statement in a minimalistic way.  Givenchy's mix of iris and panther prints is strangely hypnotizing.  Mui Mui's floral prints are just not up to par in my opinion.

This look makes me think of a flying saucer or something like

I have a soft spot for futuristic elements in designs such as metallic, leather, and innovative textures, especially when they're combined in a single outfit/look. Sooo IRRESISTABLE!  Maybe it really says something about me--that I'm always looking forward to tomorrow and the future because it's all a mystery and mysteries can be very beautiful.  The spliced A-line asymmetrical skirt  is one of the collection's coolest looks. Balenciaga is Jennifer Connelly's favourite as well,  for I've seen her in Balenciaga many times on the red carpet.  She and I could be BFFs based on her designer choice! 

 her edgy and modern-urban styles


Balenciaga Fall'11 Style Notes:

Innovative texture prints
leather details
chunky knits
over sized braided leather
giant fishnet overlays
spliced A-line skirts
the midi
knee-length boxy wool coats
geometric patterns
shirts over pants



Texture play
Chunk and funk
Puffed up braided over sized leather
Streamline graphic tiled leather in black and white
Soft gray, tar-like black, gun metal bronze tones to match heels

clutch it!

SUNGLASSES - 60's Inspired


colour suede and snake-skin leather combo
tiled black and white leather

strawberry red heels ...would be so fresh and sweet for my feet

I called this one the SEXY Green SERPENTINE...will you be mine?

Balenciaga's definitely got the street-lux that I like.                                                                   Which designer is your top pick for FALL? 

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