Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Doodling Effect on Alexander Wang's Spring RTW...

... on the Spring runway and in high art.  As previously posted, it was so amazing how German artist, Heike Weber,  turned his love for doodling into art that wows the mass.

We doodle when our attention is otherwise occupied. We doodle when we're daydreaming in the middle of  boring lecture or when we're on the phone for hours.  Most of the time they're just abstract shapes that don't mean much.  By taking something that doesn't require our attention to produce  and transforming it into that something that could occupy all our attention is genius.

The modern meaning of doodling emerged in the 1930s either from "to swindle or to make a fool of" or from the verb "to dawdle", which since the seventeenth century has had the meaning of wasting time or being lazy.

Perhaps we all have experienced  being lazy ; we wasted time daydreaming about things that couldn't be recalled a week later.  However, those were fleeting moments of happiness that got interrupted by  "our reality".  It shouldn't be surprising that Alexander Wang experienced doodle-happy-moments, too.

This Spring, Alexander Wang has shown some interest in  doodle prints.  Whether or not they were his actual doodling or his staff's, im not  so sure.  A few outfits are featured in his Spring RTW collection.

There is absolute contrast in wearing a color so pure yet it's doodled all over.  I think a splash of color adds some playfulness and a down to earth attitude. The construction like jacket adds structure and strength by contrasting the femininity, which the white gives off.  Mid-calf lengths are appropriate for the cooling effect as the temperature rises in the city.

The hair dipped in white paint really urbanizes the entire look and  heightens the idea of city lifestyle. The shoes also play down the over-empowering elegance of the silky outfit.The platform of the shoes resembles that of  the Japanese wooden sandals from this view.

I looked at his entire RTW collection this season, can't help but noticed he is definitely into light, purity, and optimism evident by the asymmetrical cuts and a lot of loose crisscrossing.  Also, his textile choices include a lot shear and silvery materials to add shine and buoyancy. 

He's also big on comfort this season. These outfits look so comfortable to wear, its no wonder they're fit for the streets and definitely for this Spring season.  Looks doesn't always have to compromise comfort. When was the last time you saw something that looks good but can be as comfy to wear as pajamas?
I could stuff a sandwich in this bag and still look good!

Can you predict what will next in the Fall? like which color will he be in the mood for?


  1. i love white !!
    this is such a pretty post!!


  2. hmmm not sure how I feel about this collection, I love that bag though


  3. What a gorgeous blog with all these butterflies! Thanks for checking out my blog, too~Meredith

  4. This collection seem can be so comfortable!
    Love for Alexander!
    (With a little be later following you back!)
    Have a nice day.