Sunday, July 24, 2011

Crochet styling to beat the summer heat

I never thought crochet could be worn stylishly so many ways.  They're simply great for combating 100+ degree heat.  They add volume, dimension, and texture to your outfit without so much coverage.  Your sweat pores will be jumping for joy!  Unfortunately, they're quite pricey. I looked at  and -- they do carry crochet this summer at pretty decent prices.

Stepping away from what they were once known for:  table cloths, blankets, and accessories, they became more en vogue in recent years.  Big designers like Emilio Pucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Dolce Gabbana, Gucci, and Stella Mc Cartney showcased crochet on the runways for their summer 2011 collections.

Beautiful crochet patterns make crochets interesting and desirable.  However, crochet is more intricate and stiffer than most fabrics.  How do we wear them form-fittingly?

Here are some styling ideas ...

Claudia Schiffer nailed this look: crochet dress and big hat for  a walk on the beach


the siren:  looking seductive can't get better than this

      relaxed:   for covering up plain-looking bikinis

rough'n dirty :  building sand-castles looking like this might turn heads
Dramatic and fringeful:  a jewelry lover's heavenly match

Unboring:  add flare and style to your black bathingsuit

desert living: boots and leather  are necessary for survival

My favorite look : easy going in bikini top and vest paired with skirt

romantic:  something pink in your hair and under crochet 
This look could revive dead flowers 

fun and flirty: wear with any cut-off jean shorts

dazed and dreamy:  who doesn't have one of those days?
Hippie chic

peekaboo lovely

feminine with sparkly jewels

sweet swimwear

casual chic: pair with any color pants

accessorized with leather belt/ leather accented accesories
made of iron:  smoky eyes with sexy armor


crochet shorts and  floral prints

Balances the maxi 


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How would you style crochet? Any ideas?

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