Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Return to innocence in white

Honestly, I have no idea what color is the "IT" color this summer.  I think the whole color wheel is in. If you play darts, chances of you hitting it is 99% even if blind-folded.  I feel like I just transported myself back to elementary school mentally by talking about my favorite color.   "What is your favorite color?" is such a basic question when you are curious enough to ask, but it hasn't been the easiest question for me to answer.  Sometimes I'm afraid my hesitation makes the person asking feel like I'm so complicated or just a scattered brain!  It has been 20+ years, and my answer hasn't changed, "I like all colors, but if you make me pick one...", it would be the color that this entire post is dedicated to.

UK Harper's Bazarr featuring Emma Watson in swan-inspired looks in August 2011 Issue

A heavenly combo: shear, feathery fringe, shiny,  and pure-white

Hailee Steinfeld for Mui Mui's new ad campaign..what youthful elegance!

Perfect summer cool-down: adorable Lacey dress, cat-eye sunnies,  braided bangs, and a high bun

Dress by Reiss, a maple leaf brooch from Queen Elizabeth II, hat by Sylvia Fletcher at Lock and Co. and clutch by Anya Hindmarch

Princess Charlene of Monaco in 3-tier cascading waterfall crystal-ish Armani Prive white dress for her wedding
Money can buy you a designer white wedding gown, but no money can buy a true and pure heart. Isn't that why we spent so much time worrying about attracting the wrong person with what we wear and how we behave?
Wedding gown by John Galiano for Kate Moss

One day, I will feel like a princess in a white wedding gown.  Hopefully in one as pretty as Kate's or Princess Charlene's.  The color white is one that I adore the most because it's so light, fresh, pure, and innocent.  A white wedding dress means a brand new life, like the next blank page in my half-filled notebook that is waiting for me to fill it with memories of happy times to come.  When I want to  relive my innocent days, I turn to my favorite white t-shirts and sneakers, or dress minimalistic for simplicity.

To make a long story short--if i could use the color white to describe myself: " I might look fragile but I got strong bones!"

[Post inspired by my  heart-felt selection of delicate, shiny, and dreamy-summer white dresses and gowns]
What color reminds you of your youth?

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