Thursday, June 23, 2011

Royal Ascot Hats Show Personalities

1. The Reformer
People with a mission, highly productive, thorough – and accurate, attention to details & order: idealistic thinkers who plan and carry through their plans: attention to time, exude personal authority and ability to self-sustain with strong moral principles.

Entomologist  or not?

2. The Helper
Interpersonal types: empathetic, full of feeling with and for others, sincere, warm-hearted, caring: in service to helping others, people pleasing: service is important to these people, generous, giving, helpful, wanting to be connected with others / wanting to be needed, often have physical problems, speech is often indirect, talk more about ‘feelings’.

Delicious or not?

3.  The Achiever
Success-oriented, pragmatic, needing to be the best at what they do, aware of ‘how they are coming across’, go-getters, able to accomplish a lot, often seen as workaholics, look for evidence of their own success -bench markers, seen as self assured and confident, often tend to make their success look easy to others, ambitions, perhaps competitive, conscious of their image, “the show must go on” -ability to ’switch’ to the needs of the environment, reads the environment – takes on the appropriate mood, appearance, looking for a sense of value.

Horsing around or not?

4.  The individualist
Creative, intuitive: self expression is important, see self as ’special’ / different, tends to withdraw into a need for sanctuary: often speaks phrases – “I like this…” “I don’t like that…”: will express that something missing in the make-up, a deficiency: tends to build a sense of identity from emotions, often dark emotions: will tend to be sensitive to qualities of environment and to use such qualities to soothe their inner experience: familiar with the dark side, process constantly: “what does this mean about me?”, easily affected; impressionable, concerned about their individuality, often seen as “dramatic” and can feel like life is an ‘emotional roller-coaster’.

Daring or not?

5.  The Investigator
Intense, cerebral type: focused, original, withdrawn, seen as shy, eccentric ‘nerds,’ ‘weirdoes’: intensely pre-occupied, experts in specific (‘unique’ and specialized) areas into which they go deep: quirky off-beat sense of humour; very sensitive, unperturbed by ‘fashion,’ collecting, studious -in search of mastery, intense conceptualizer, plays the “‘what if…” game, often walks – without the whole foot touching the ground.

Too STAIRried away or not?

6.  The Loyalist
Security oriented type, a bundle of opposites, indecisive, loyal friend, the one who gathers friends together (example: guys in the basement/bar, women in lunches, teas): emphasis on being responsible and on ‘functioning’/doing, wants to know the plans (rules / guidelines), before can feel free to be spontaneous: vigilant, looking outside of self for possible changes, snags, dangers: tends to like to adhere to a teaching method/approach, will push against looking for authority that ‘knows,’ looking for something that s/he can trust, feels huge pressure within to commit, ‘no one is going to push me around/ get the better of me,’ have a friendly approachable quality – of ‘your friend the neighbour.’

Too English or not?

7.  The Enthusiast
Highly energetic, ‘out there,’ busy, assertive, gregarious, fun-loving, active, enthusiastic, keen to do new things, have ‘new’ adventures, always ready for a challenge.

Peacock-glam or not?

8.  The Challenger
The person in the crowd that you notice due to their large presence and their physical energy. They hold their body in a physical, strong, grounded manner: usually assertive with a tendency to challenge, they like an argument -will ‘bait’ for one: like to be met – both physically and mentally: like to be met with equal intensity, tends to test boundaries -”I’ll put it out until get something back”.

Marie Antoinette's twin or not?

9.  The Peacemaker
Peacemakers, people who have the ability to see both perspectives, look for harmony: looking for inner peace, peace of mind: avoid conflicts: self effacing: tend to ‘disappear’ in a crowd to blend in: don’t tend to put themselves forward: easy going, sweet, soft, gentle: likes to observe and to think: often experience themselves either vibrantly in their bodies OR emotionally and mentally involved: often like to communicate non-verbally, via music or math, or art.

Blackswan poo-poo or not?

Which hat(s) do you wear?  Some people are shoe lovers, some are jewelry lovers, but I'm more of a hat lover.  My eyes devour everything,  but I just have this natural tendency to try on hats whenever i shop.  If a lady can't have too many shoes, then she can't have too many hats either.  Of the 9 personalities, I wear #4 (The Individualist) and #9 (The peacemaker) to be most accurate. I probably wear bits and pieces of the other 7 types. I am now spiritually awakened!

 I secretly wish I could wear one of these outrageous hats in great weather (no rain or wind) but sunny and beautiful summer days.  Hats are everyone's much needed summer accessory to stay calm, cool, and stylish, especially if you have plans for the beach, picnic in the park, or a backyard BBQ  for July 4th. I got an  idea -- how about designing your own hat with July 4th theme? 

Feeling Creative ?

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