Friday, September 27, 2013

Animal Prints Confuse Zoo Animals

Animal-prints provoke zoo animals in not so mysterious ways...something that never even occurred to me because I haven't been to the zoo in ages.  The animals are either salivating or confused when seeing  zoo visitors in animal prints. I've never been a tiger or a lion, but I can totally see why I'd be confused, too if i were one.
A zoo, ZUFARI, in Britain banned these prints: zebra, leopard, cheetah, tiger, African wild dog, spotted and stripe hyena and giraffe.

"Since the launch of ZUFARI, guests have interacted with the animals more closely than ever before and we have noticed a lot of animals becoming baffled by animal-print-wearing guests."

 "The enclosures at ZUFARI have been designed to replicate the conditions species face in the wild, so it's no wonder the animals are getting confused when they see what they perceive to be zebras and giraffes driving across the terrain in a 7.5 tonne truck."

Photo: Yahoo
Just imagine seeing your fellow humans dressed in human skin prints!! That's enough to raise  more than some hair on your arms.

Nicolo Constantino's, an Argentinian artist,  "skin" concept captures your attention right away doesn't it?  These human nipple prints aren't exactly the kind of fashion we would want to wear.  I think he meant  to remind us that we should not support the buying and selling of real animal skins.  Although they are beautiful, just as our own skins, no one has the right to  remove and use them for fashion or any other purposes.  

Nicolo Constantino

 I hope we all can learn something from this.  Animals too, are a great source of inspiration for artists and the fashion world. Who doesn't think animal prints are exotic, regal, and wild? Their beauty is so magnetic that we just can't get enough of the animal print trend year after year. When I dress in animal prints I'm celebrating the beauty of nature and art as they enrich our lives through our eyes and stimulate the reward center in our brains.  So,  let's show them some love and respect.

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