Thursday, September 26, 2013

Camouflage & Poetry in Winter Wonderland

 This post is a response to IFB project: Soldier Chic, which is about styling the sizzling trend: camouflage. I know I cheated a little bit because these photos I'm using here are from January 2013. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the little story (& poem) and the photos.

It was a joy to capture the beauty of  the picturesque winter in my wonderful front yard last winter.  I can't remember why I decided to put on my zip-front camo down jacket for these photos.  I loved the frosty colors of the camo print and the giant detachable hood with faux fur trim. What I do remember very clearly was how magical and serene that moment was. It was 8 a.m, morning after a night of heavy snowfall; the whole town was still sleeping and the only footprints on the fresh snow were created by me in my Sperry Top-sider rain boots. I would have  loved to taste the snow (they looked good enough to eat) as I breathed in the fresh morning breezes.

The tree branches were covered in blankets of powder-white snow like they were dressed to 
Even though it was no contest, boy--did I feel 
Nature is awe-inspiring and beautiful, and there is bountiful beauty to be
In every season of the year we can dress with
Fashion vs. nature will never be at
To blend-in we camouflage like chameleons; to stand-out we spread conspicuous peacock feathers

But it is futile to out-shine nature's
So let's enjoy ourselves mongst the very

Have you ever taken a winter vacation to a winter wonderland? Do you live in such place? I would love to visit the destinations above in the near future for winter vacations.

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