Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday & Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup feature

It's black Friday morning, and I'm not in line at some retail store! I have only shopped black Friday once and that was more than a decade ago. To say the least, it was a very disappointing experience because I didn't know the game. If you stood in line this morning to get the best deals, I hope you found the stuff you were looking for.  'Tis the season for mad shopping, eating, entertaining, and the process repeats over and again. I know it must be tough to visit my blog in the midst of all that, so I appreciate you reading my posts.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. I made potato salad (recipe), meatball pasta (recipe), and lemonade (recipe). No turkey this year, but I was totally satisfied nonetheless. I also sent out emails to friends and thanked them for being such great friends.  I'm very thankful for everything great that happened in my life so far, and for all the not so great things that taught me very valuable life lessons that will help me grow as a person. How was your Thanksgiving day and how did you celebrate it?

TSB made the LALM Round-up this week with Holiday Hair Embellishments. Congrats to the other 19 bloggers whose posts have also been included. Please check out their links below. This week's list has some great holiday tips!!! Enjoy and  have a great weekend, everyone.

Grace "Grace" has many meanings. Whether you're saying "Grace" at the dinner table today with your friends and family for Thanksgiving, or you're talking about the elegance of "grace," or heck, maybe you're talking about Grace Coddington, no matter what if you love fashion, you'll be thinking about "grace" this holiday season. This week's roundup the IFB Community has put a lot of thought into their posts, with super smart tips and tricks to get you through the season. Going into the science behind autumn colors, the difference between plaid and tartan, how to shop Black Friday, and even how to style your hair for going out or staying in. It's everything you need, so grab the mug of spiced cider read these links! Happy Thanksgiving!
Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup

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