Sunday, February 2, 2014

Links à la Mode Feature & Hello February

The shortest month of the year, February, is what I called the V-month. V simply stands for Valentine's. I think we should really celebrate love the entire month-- not just one day. I recently learned that my 5 year-old niece loves drawing hearts, which is puzzling to me how children gravitate towards things that are associated with love at such a young age! Anyway, I'll have to dive my nose into some books for an answer. Let the 28 days of love begin today!

It has been pretty incredible to start a new chapter this month with my 5th LALM feature so far this year!

Links a la Mode

The New Casual

Sneakers at Chanel Couture? Evening dresses to a picnic? Is there really any appropriate occasion to wear anything? Not anymore! Dress it up, dress it down, if you can make it work, all the better! This week we have a great roundup of news from Couture, Stockholm and Mens fashion week, as well as some style tips to put the new trends in action. So kick of your sneakers and pull up your chair, it's going to be a great roundup this week!

Links à la Mode: January 30th

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