Thursday, January 16, 2014

black & gold artsy nails you can't wait to try

Barbara Bui S 14 RTW

I'm excited to bring you something I've never done for my blog--a nail polish post!! It's definitely a lot of fun for me to experiment with nail art and let you know which ones work and how you can try them at home.
 My inspiration for choosing black and gold (and glitters) came from Barbara Bui's Pre-Fall 2014 women's RTW collection. I love the subtle gold details in her collection, from gold eyeshadow to the silk gold collar, to gold pants and boots. 

Lanvin Spring 2014 RTW
Lanvin S 2014 RTW
Lanvin Metallic Drop-waist dress (buy)
Lanvin strapless metallic blouson gown (buy)

Lanvin's gorgeous metallic jacquard dresses on the Spring 2014 runway. Loving the feminine silhouettes of these drop-waist dresses and the shinny fabrics of silver and gold add so much glamour 

Chanel Spring 2014 couture
Chanel S 14 Couture
Yet, another favorite runway look for Spring 2014 is Chanel's Couture. These sparkly black corset dresses are filled with fun elements such as glitter and gold, ruffled cascades & fur, and street-style comfy sneakers and funky hair...yes.. hardly seem like a couture collection at first sight!

Let's get'm glitter and gold details on your nails now!

You'll Need:

1) Graffiti Nails: Black, gold, silver nail polish

2) Ombre Nails: Black, silver and gold glitter polish

Optional: Top coat

{What I used: H&M super gold, glitter gold, sparkling silver, sparkling glitter, & black polish}

graffiti and ombre black and gold nails

Graffiti Nails: 

graffiti black and gold nails
 1. Apply your black nail polish first, then wait for it to dry

2. Apply silver polish with very little polish on the brush in 3 strokes (vertical, horizontal, diagonal) and let that dry for a minute

3. Apply gold polish the same way as in step 2. You can overlap the silver and gold but don't cover your black polish completely.

4. Apply top coat to seal (optional)

Ombre Nails:

ombre blacka and gold nails
 1. Apply a coat of gold glitter polish generously so you get a good amount of glitter evenly spread out.

2. With black polish brush, start from the tip and apply less polish as you go inwards. Keep the black polish about 1/3 the way.

3. Apply the silver glitter at the junction where the black polish meets the gold and brush it towards the tips of your nails.  The extra  silver glitter coat will create the illusion that you got your ombre black perfectly.

4. Apply top coat if you want the glitter to lock in.

Still not inspired? Just look at these Jimmy Choo pumps...

Anouk Metallic Leather & Suede Degrade Pumps (buy)
Fico Metallic Leather Pom-Pom Ankle-Strap Pumps (buy)
Mantle Jeweled Flower Metallic Leather Sandals (buy)

 Would you give it a try?  Which one do you like better? Let me know how it turned out for you.

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  1. The ombre nails are easier to do than I would have guessed. I'll have to give it a try!

    1. It was my first time trying out these nails-- I was pleasantly surprised how good they turned out. And I got a few compliments. I will do more nail posts, so I hope you'll check them out in the near future.

  2. I adore both of these looks, but I'm in love with the ombre nails!!

    Corinne xo

    1. At first I thought ombre nails were super hard to do but it turned out to be pretty simple and gorgeous. My friends loved it. I might do more ombre nails with a different set of colors next time.