Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thor + Science + Fashion = A Stylish Galactic Adventure

This post is dedicated to Thor, my new divine crush from the movie, THOR. I fell in love with this movie and the Thor character.  He is the reason behind my interest in latest galaxy trend by Christopher Kane Resort 2011 and real galaxy readings and photos on National Geographic. Only if grade school was this fun! I did major homework  to prove that the science of fashion does exist!

1.  CIGAR GALAXY: red cloud composed of hydrocarbon dust similar to car exhaust; central plane in blue and white.

2.  ANDROMEDA GALAXY: largest neighboring galaxy to the Milky Way. Blue & white regions are where new stars are forming and the central orange-white contain older and cooler stars.

3.  CARTWHEEL GALAXY:  The smaller galaxy passed through the center of the cartwheel galaxy 100 million years ago.

4.  THE LARGE MAGELLANTIC CLOUD:  A close neighbor to the Milky Way. Swirl contains sheets of debris from an exploded star.

5.  SPIRAL GALAXY:  Yellowish central core is home to older stars where the curving outer arms are where young stars reside.

6.  MERGING GALAXIES: Ice-blue eyes are the cores; the two began their tango about 40 million years ago before they meld into one.

7.  ANTENNAE GALAXIES:  Intense star region created when two galaxies collided  200-300 million years ago.  Bright blue-white areas are new formed stars surrounded by clouds of hydrogen in pink.

8.  MEISSIER 81 GALAXY:  Among the brightest of the galaxies visible by telescope from earth.

Here's what i learned:
Every galaxy  is up of an abundance of old and young stars. Each has a core that houses older stars and spirals made of young stars. If we could parallel this old/young concept with Kane's designs, i think we might have the potential to solve the big bang theory! jk. What we have here is a new pattern used for some very old signature styles from the 50's and 70's [biker jackets in chiffon, jumpsuits, high waisted shorts, long princess and skater skirts, halter-neck "housewife dresses"].  Like what Paul Rand said, " don't try to be original, just try to be good" perfectly describes this galactic adventure.  Kane did a great job with mixing modern and classic in this colorful, sparkling, and explosive Resort collection.

Just how did Christopher Kane achieve such perfect color combinations?  He's probably an astrology fanatic. I wonder if he owns a telescope or seen Thor.  Do you know?  If you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend it. It's funny, romantic, and it's got the smoking Australian Chris Hemsworth! I think I'm more in love with him than Jane is. [ Jane is the main female protagonist (Thor's mortal lover) played by Natalie Portman]. If you have seen the movie, will Jane ever find Thor?  If there is such thing as a Thor galaxy, it would no doubt be the most handsome young galaxy ever existed  :)

Which galaxy is your favorite?


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