Monday, June 13, 2011

The Tribal Message

Suddenly, blue is the new black? Maybe not.
Although it seems like tribal is a new trend, it really is not.  Avatar was released in 2009, and it probably catalyzed a reaction to tribal -eco- inspired fashion that hit mainstream consumerism harder in 2011.  The movie touched on important issues that

we are facing today:  war, imperialism, unethical-unsustainable practices, environmentalism, and etc.  One of many designers in the fashion industry who showed an interest in such issues is Jean Paul Gaultier with his 2010 winter couture collection.  You can see the continuation from tribal to eco clearly with this collection, and I don’t think that happened accidently.  Tribal fashion proves that even people who live in simplicity can create beautiful clothing from natural resources while eco-fashion is a bridge that allows us to connect with earth, nature, and our roots. The imminent message is that fashion is influenced by culture and nature.  Some people say that fashion is walking art, and I can’t agree more because fashion and art are representations of culture.

Leather and nylon nation

Which tribe do you belong to ? Little-clothed or much-clothed?

The Doers : "Yes, Chief!"
The strong feminist: texture and lace in rigid structured pieces


My envy? the handbag

Amazonian envy? foresty gown

Vegas show girl envy? comfy boots

Basket weaver's envy? basket-weaved impenetrable dresses

Neighbor's envy? Your plants are more fashionable!

"Single Ladies" envy? Cyborg nails!

Captain Jack Sparrow's envy? texture-hat
It seems like JPG is always light years ahead of everyone else.  Texture? Done! Fringe? Shear? Done! Lace? Done!Pleats? Done! Floral ? Done! Leather? Done!  Eco? Done! Braids? Done! What on earth or what no on earth inspires you? 

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