Saturday, June 4, 2011

Would Lady Gaga Swap Meat Dress for Weedrobe?

[Contemporary Comparative Fashion: a focus on meaning and purpose]

Camellia Countessa is a wearable garment made entirely from leaves, branches and flowers. The design is based on the French Pannier (basket) dress, which where originally constructed from Willow branches

Here is Nicole Dextra's wearable Weedrobe Collection for the summer [models wear them and interact with people in crowded market places and fashion shows to promote eco-awareness]

The bustier is made with Wild Rose (invasive), Willow (grown in her back yard) and Dogwood (native plant). The skirt is made from Ivy (invasive) woven with beads made from Japanese Knotweed (invasive)

ECO-MAN suit made from Laurel, Magnolia and Yucca leaves

Savoy Cabbage, Rediccio, Red Cabbage and White Cabbage

crab apples with a flounce made of Kale

Laurel leaves, Ligularia Dentata leaves, Rosehips and various leaves

Prom warrior dress from Yucca plants

This breastplate is open and festooned with Roses; a symbol of true brave heart. Made from Forsythia branches, Rose Hips, Roses and Hemp thread.

Laurel and Magnolia leaves with the collar, cuffs, ruffle and bustle constructed from Hydrangea flowers


For those who crave floral patterns this season, wouldn't it be so cool to wear real floral dresses?  Would Lady Gaga be impressed with these? I know I am. I firmly believe that art exists everywhere, in infinite forms, but the best ones come from those who love what they do.  For instance, many bloggers blog for the love of blogging even when it does not come with fame or fortune.  In a recent interview of Lady Gaga by UK personality Stephen Fry, Lady Gaga said, "It's honestly true that money means nothing to me." I wonder what means everything to her. What do you think? (read interview)

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