Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier's "Nautical Morphing" for ELLE Decoration Suite

He began his professional career in fashion design at the tender age of 17, Jean Paul Gaultier is a phenomenal designer in my eyes. Although I have just recently learned about him, I'm already a huge fan of his work! He seems like a very lovely person

through interviews that I've read. His love and passion for his avant garde work has kept him sailing for 34 years! The nautica stripes is JPG's signature. We see stripes come and go each year, but what we don't know is who has so much knowledge of this fabric that could leave you feeling numb upon a single gaze of his design.  He's designed  pin-stripe suits for men and women and the recent ELLE Decoration Suite that will make you see nothing but navy stripes for days! He and his work are both very inspiring. In March, GO international by Target collaborated with JPG to bring designer clothes to our local Targets for less; JPG designs at prices that won't send your eyeballs gyrating.

JPG for Target

"My nautical stripes were more a recollection of my childhood, when my mother dressed me in sailor stripes. I was also influenced by Querelle de Brest, Jean Genet and Fasbinder. Today sailor stripes are  part of my vocabulary, my signature in a way. Just the other day I used it to dress the walls of the suite Elle Decoration in the Palais de Chaillot. The effect is like op art, it almost makes you sea sick which is quite fun as it is achieved with the sailor stripes."- JPG

Super Le Male Collector’s Edition  If you could be a super hero what super powers would you ask for?
"To bring back to life those who I loved and have died." -JPG

ELLE Decoration Suite by Jean Paul Gaultier

photo © Nicolas Tosi for ELLE DECORATION

Some may find happiness in a Coke bottle by Karl Lagerfeld for CocaCola, and some may find  purity and beauty in JPG's Evian water. : what makes you inspired?

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