Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Holiday Beauty Gift Ideas Made Simple

holiday beauty gift ideas

My Confession: I've always wanted a make-up palette with every color possible but I have never received one in my life. So, when it comes to doing a post on holiday beauty gift ideas, I knew exactly what I wanted to showcase. 

Who wouldn't like to receive beauty products that are practical for everyday use? I'm not a make-up junky at all or even close to being one. However, I hate how I always find myself justifying my need for another nail polish or a new lip-stick. How about you? Do you have  overwhelming guilt when it comes to beauty product purchases?

According to Yahoo Finance:

"A Spanish study found that women harbor more guilt than men. The reason? Genetics. In 'The Essential Difference,' the author describes the female brain as 'predominately hard-wired for empathy, while “the male brain is predominately hard-wired for understanding and building systems."

So, that is is exactly why I'd love to receive beauty products as gifts!!  Just pure enjoyment and pleasure -- no guilt involved! I don't wear make-up a lot, but I would love to receive a palette because it's the idea of having so many colors to choose from that's really exciting. I also love to try out different colors to match my outfits. It's a great way to experiment with different make-up trends too.

When gifting this season, rely on this one basic tip:  It really doesn't matter if someone never wears make-up or that she already has too much make-up; it's the taking notice of something that is missing in someone's life or giving someone something that she just can never get enough of that really counts.

I hope you enjoy these savings!


Overall Rating: 4.2 stars

holiday beauty gift ideas


Ratings: 0
Price: $22.50
holiday beauty gift ideas
Shipping & Returns: Free
Price: $28

holiday beauty gift ideas

Price: $58.50 
holiday beauty gift ideas

Ratings: 4.8
Price: $12.95

Ratings: 5 stars
Price: $2.99

holiday beauty gift ideas

Ratings: 4.3
Price: $2.99
Special offer: free gift with purchase of $9.99 for this item
holiday beauty gift ideas

Price: 4 for $10

holiday beauty gift ideas

BUY: AVON'S Mosaic Effects Top Coat 
Ratings: 3.7
Price: $1.99

holiday beauty gift ideas

BUY: AVON'S mark Nailed It Trend Mini Nail Lacquer in Snowberry & Tinseltown 
Ratings: 0
Price: $7

holiday beauty gift ideas

Ratings: 4 stars
Price: $58.00
holiday beauty gift ideas
Set includes:
- 17 mini Paint Pots
- An exclusive full-size Paint Pots
- Two exclusive Caviar Manicure™ blends
- An exclusive loose sprinkle Glitter Pot
- An exclusive Sequin Pot
- Two mini luxe Treatments
- A clever funnel

Price: $49.50
holiday beauty gift ideas

I'm so in love with Avon's huge discounts on beauty products for the holidays. The mosaic top coat nail polish is such a STEAL! Let me know  your favorite beauty product in the comments below

I think the whole idea of gifting is not only to say thanks but also to make someone  feel special. It also shows that you are thoughtful and appreciative. Some people are incredibly easy to shop for while others are extremely difficult. However, just keep in mind that whatever it is you ultimately give, make it a thoughtful present.

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