Friday, August 5, 2011

Mobile Garden Dress

"The dress advocates for an autonomous and democratic urban lifestyle based on self-sufficiency."

Pots of herbal plants 

Nicole Dextras created this mobile garden dress for the Vancouver Children's Art Festival.  I had previously posted her breathtaking weedrobes, and her ideas continue to inspire me to engage with nature.  The recurring message in her seasonal projects is self-sufficiency. We can start by growing our own herbs, utilizing natural resources conscientiously, and limiting waste. 

Every once in awhile I come across an idea that knocks me off my feet, and this is one of them.  It's such a beautiful one because it inspires, teaches, and enlightens.  Don't we do this all the time with fashion? We try  wear one thing as many ways and as many times as possible? We try to make one thing multi-functional to save money and space and to increase convenience?  We could apply this same concept to many other aspects of our lives.  Nicole Dextra's mobile garden dress is like a set of Swiss army knife minus the practicality.  

Her work may not be seen by millions like a runway show, but the impact that it has on children and the younger generation is profound.  We should love nature and appreciate what it provides us.  It's only right to do our part in being a  nature lover and protector, and that's the message she is trying to get across through art and eco-fashion.  Sometimes aesthetics and practicality are arch enemies, but we need aesthetics in our lives to inspire us and make us dream of what could be. She adds another lens to how I view the world, and I love that.

Afterall, everything starts with an idea and a concept.  And the best teacher is one who inspires us.

Peruvian Chillis neckwear


The dress is 100% recyclable and composable.

Convertible Tent 

Camping out in community garden

On the go again

 "Like a true nomad, her camp can be quickly transformed; her hoop skirt collapses into a light-weight framework, her organic cotton tent fabric becomes an elegant dress and all her belongings fit onto her wheeled structure."

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