Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Falling Sleeves: time to make your sleeves count

One of the things that I really want for x-mas this year is a sewing machine! I'm dying to give some of my shirts a make-over.  If you have one and are a good at sewing, I think you'll like this post. It's about time our sleeves deserve some attention. Afterall, we got two of them! There's a lot of potential for sleeve - DIY projects if you have time and creative juices.  It's a great way to spice up that shirt that you kinda don't really like because it's I'm really loving the two-tone sleeves right now because they remind me of arm warmers! How do you plan to reinvent your style this fall?

Blue embroidered blouse
//ASOS Statement Jacket with Embroidered Sleeves
green top (H&M) white top
Blue life scoop neck cut out //cut out reglan tshirt
center: H&M jersey top with elbow patches

Blue life  cut out

ASOS Embroidered Sleeve Festival Parka
(left) j.crew (right)




  1. Such a cool and unique idea for a post! Love it!