Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tasseled-rope Belts for Spring

                                                                   {Macy's online}



Have you ever felt like a nice belt is wayyy too pricey?? I have turned away from belts for a long long time now because I simply cannot afford decent-quality ones. Being on a budget doesn't help either.  I tried to find ways to create my own belts out of "stuff" I find around the house/closet/storage boxes.  I have thought of using ropes with tassels as belts before--just never had the chance to try it.  I chuckled so hard when I recently stumbled upon Mathew Williamson's S'12 collection with beautiful tassel-belts that add the home-diva-ish Martha Stewart-ness plus Coachella Music Festival Hippie???? What not to love about that combo?

Other tassel lovin'

-Jewelry: earrings, necklaces

Do you have other ideas on how to style tassels?

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