Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Earphone Fashion Statements

I couldn't have blogged about  earphones hadn't my cheap $5 earphones stopped working. It's serendipity!  I couldn't just throw them in the trash and move on with my life. Google is just so wonderful--it led me to discover a whole new world that exists just for earphones. I learned something new. Then something even crazier happened like lightning stroked twice--I came up with a  new DIY this week.
Just wanted to share some very stylish earphones on the market and I'd love to have the zipper earphones. They're so so brilliantly designed in style and function. Which one is your favorite?
The Fashionista (My Personal Favorites)


Cute Animal Earphones

Got Diva?

Are you PUNK'd yet?

TSB's broken $5 earphones TRANSFORMED [DIY Earphone earrings @ MUB]

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