Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Elements of Street Style (NYFW 2013)

click collage to enlarge [ photos: style.com, elle.com]

The beauty of street styles, beyond the beautiful images that are captured, lies in the freedom to dress as one pleases. For such a colossal event like the NYFW, it's the time for the goers to put their best street style forward. There are no judges, no fashion police, no dress codes but only personalities..big ones.

The elements of street style come in a wide range, from head to toe. There is this sense of competition to get a lot attention and be photographed, so crazy colors and pattern mixing usually does the trick.  I am not so much into the very extravagant ways that the editors and models dressed for the shows, but styles that are more likely worn by a commoner on the streets on a day-to-day basis.  The elements I find simple yet difficult to achieve are effortlessly chic combined with comfortably cute. This boils down to wearing things that everybody has--the very skeleton of our closets: jeans, tees, button-downs, shorts, and etc. I love to see simple but refreshing street styles. What elements are you looking for in street styles?


[IFB project #113: Street Style Inspiration]

Button-ups and rolled-up sleeves

Plaid Pretty
White tops with a flare

Girl next door Stripes and white tees

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