Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tips for picking tops that are trend-proof

I know I love trends because they're fun and exciting but how do I survive the temptations of buying what's trending every season? I love the concept of minimalism, but it is darn difficult to achieve especially when it comes to clothes, shoes, purses, etc.
Honestly, I have a tiny closet and I share half of it so I was forced to minimize. I'm just going to cover how I decided on which tops to keep as my trend-proof collection.

Over the last few years, I've noticed a few trends that have  attained longevity status in the fashion world. Let me just break it down:

1. polka dots

2. animal prints

3. stripes

4. floral

5. studded

6. lace

7. camo

1. black/white
2. bright/bold colors
3. neutrals

My year round trend-proof tops:
1. chambray long sleeve button-up with hearts
2. vanilla chiffon blouse with studded collar
3. pink floral long sleeve button-up
4. navy blue with white polka dot long sleeve button-up
5. green lace see through t-shirt
6. blue dress shirt with white vertical stripes and solid white collar

Are you tight on closet space? How did you figure out your trend-proof collection of tops?

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