Sunday, December 22, 2013

Links à la Mode Feature and Holiday Wishes

Have you found a great coat for the winter yet? If you haven't, check out my featured post on how to avoid buying the wrong quilted puffer coat. The weather has been pretty dramatic lately--cold one day then warm the next, but winter is here to stay.  We're only 3 days away from x-mas and just t a week shy of 2014! Are you excited? I'm actually more terrified than excited because I have not made any plans for 2014. Well, since it's the holiday season, I just want to wish everyone lots of love and joy. Stay warm. Happy Holidays.


Wearing the Pants in the Family

Do you know what? Every time you think you got the pants down, something new comes up! Transparent pants, sequin pants for any occasion, no-pants... heck even changing your sweaters into pants. It's crazy what we'll do to cover our legs! Anyway, while the whole roundup isn't necessarily about PANTS, they certainly come up every now and then. What I like about the idea of "pants" is the idea of taking control of your wardrobe. Maybe everyone in your family wears pants, but in your life who or what is wearing the metaphorical pants? And what can you do to reinvent them? Let's find out in this week's Links a La Mode!

Links à la Mode: December 19th

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