Monday, May 9, 2011

Free as Bird, Light as a Feather: Fly with Givenchy Couture

I know The Met Gala was so last week, and everyone has moved on with their blogs. The media and the world are yawning over it now. The best and worst dress lists have been determined by critics and bloggers alike.  I wasn't sure which was my favorite until this week. How i know which one left a long impression on's the time factor. If  I am still thinking about the dress, probably subconsciously, then i know it's the one. 

When i saw Liv Tyler wearing Givenchy's bird-like creation at the Met, I loved the concept and the detailing of the dress and that it was worn perfectly for the occasion.  Givency's designer, Ricardo Tisci, definitely found Japan an inspiration for this Spring Couture collection.

This photo doesn't give us all the amazing details of the dress, nonetheless it reminds us to keep Japan in our prayers and our heart.  I am a fan of amazing details and themes.  I've been in love with nature themes since I discovered McQueen.  This season, I'm so in love with Givenchy's Japanese-inpired crane-like creations.  I would feel like a bird wearing  these amazing couture dresses. It's a lot like music, poetry, great writings, this kind of fashion transcends and gives the wearer a  superhuman or not human at all feeling. That's great fashion to me! [I used "amazing" 3x now, that's how mesmerized I am]

A video that will get you in the mood for Givenchy. See the details  more upclose--so wonderfully crafted! Seeing the making of this presentation makes me appreciate the aesthetics of this collection so much more.

Cate Blanchett wearing Givency at this year's Oscar's. I can only imagine the amount of man-power and time it takes to stitch up all those pearls. And for a dress? Is it really worth it? I believe all  finer things in life can't be made in massive amounts, making them a rarity, an indulgence to the eye and a jewel to behold.

Be on the look out for a feather trend in the FALL.  You'll see it with  Isbel Marant's feathery earrings,  Emilio Pucci's feather embellished wool hats, and hair accessorized with feathers.

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