Friday, May 20, 2011

How To Look Sexy and Classy In Fishnets

If you have been waiting patiently for the next gigantic wave [like Pirates of the Caribbean: on stranger tides ] to hit shore, be ready to catch some big fish [or mermaids] with Balenciaga's new collection. Featured on the Fall runway were some incredibly cool and modern looks that focus on texture, making a statement, interplay between femininity and masculinity, and a balance between all things we love: leather,wool, and asymmetrical color blocking. It's all about zooming in on connections between the past and present with the modern women perceived as stronger and more independent wearing bullet-proof military structured coats and pants but still retain her sexy and sensual sides with leather, over the knee skirts and tunics.  Nicolas Ghesquiere's  take on fishnets in his Fall 2011 RTW gives us some ideas on how to turn something  not so related to fashion  into a dramatic fashion statement.

 The size of fishnet featured here remind me of biker gloves and real fisherman's fishnets. The wearable fishnets, such as pantyhose, are so sexy that  we're  afraid to wear them at times because fear of looking too risqué and being stamped  as  “ a woman of the night” if not worn right.

Since fishnets make such a strong fashion statement, how do we wear them for a day-time conservative look but with a dash of sexiness and classiness? The first source I turned to for advice on this was our fellow bloggers who voted and commented in this week’s poll, “Fishnets are the ultimate expression of sexy, but can they be classy as well?”  There were few, but very good tips on how to pull a classy look:
Voter Comments:
A:  “With a long pencil skirt with just a hint of fishnets.”
B:  “With black dress and simple black pumps.”
C:  “Pencil skirt, plenty of silk, pearls, and heels.”
D:  “How the wearer carries herself in them.”

I think they’re right on the money!  Fishnets are tricky to work it because they come in so many colors and meshes, but as long as we use some common sense, it’s not so challenging.

Whether it's for work or  for play, fishnets no longer echo the stereotypical impression of "call girls" or exotic dancers.  Let's get fishnet fearless with  a few simple guidelines to help you out.

Rule of 5 for fishy-sexy-classy:

1. Choose the appropriate color for day-time wear: opt for dark and neutral colors because bright colors will look like you’re going to a party.
2. Choose a more subtle mesh: size of the holes matters here. Smaller ones are more day-time appropriate.
3. Choose monochromic clothes: Dark color pencil skirt with a silk top are your best bet for an office look.
4.   Choose conservative shoes: simple black closed- toe pumps that are not super high to avoid giving the wrong impression.
5. Go easy on makeup and accessories: pearls add a touch of elegance, neutral color makeup and a neat hairstyle give you a clean, polished professional look.

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