Sunday, October 20, 2013

IFB Links à la Mode Weekly Roundup features TSB

October is a fantastic month for a wardrobe makeover. This Week's list will definitely give you some great ideas to re-invent your style, try something new, or better the old.

Fashionista Problems Solved No one is immune to fashion problems. So why take them so seriously? Cue side-eye and say, "Puh-lease, as if!" No really, whether it's what your friend says when you're trying on a new trend, or determining if you're a good bitch or a bad bitch, heck, even if you're trying to make those jeans work with heels, it's all here this week. Plus a couple of cute ideas for Halloween! Even if you need to fix your brows, this is the link list to browse.

Links à la Mode: October 17

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